Fifty Miler With Hills

I mentioned recently that I signed up for the Sacramento century in October, so it is time to ramp up my mileage. Today my group was doing a 27 mile ride in the hill East of Gilroy, starting at the Mendoza Ranch entrance to Harvey Bear park, which they drove to. I decided to start early and ride their instead, so that bumped my mileage up to 50, which took four hours. This was a lot more climbing than I’ve been used to, but fortunately I have and 11×42 cassette on my Sirrus bike now, which helps with the steep stuff. It felt great, and I wasn’t too tired after.

Parking lot at Mendoza ranch just before 10 AM, fog not burned off yet. I’m glad to have our natural air conditioner back, we’ve been having high temperatures but today didn’t go over 80 F (26.7 C).
On the way up Canada Road (Spanish pronunciation Can-yada, I don’t know how to show the accent). Wildfires raged through here in summer 2020 but it has recovered nicely
At the top of the hill on Canada. You can see the fog still creeping over the coast range (called the Gavilans in this section), to keep us cool.
Home to Mendoza Ranch
Wandering around in the hills, then back to a deli in Morgan Hill. after that is was 3 miles to home

I’m going to be doing the century on my recumbent, so that’s what I’m riding most days, except hillier days like this one where I take my Sirrus (upright road bike).