Lets Have a Serious Conversation About Physical Health And Mental Well Being

One surmises Physical health and fitness as something that you get out and do or make effort to do that enhances your physical inner and outer appearance. But what we need to talk about is what enables each individual to have the opportunity to achieve it.

You have a job which affords you to have shelter which in turn puts you mentally at a certain ease. Your job in turn pays your bills which also gives you a certain mental relief. All this along with more puts you in a position to be able to use a certain amount of your time and effort to focus on your physical health. All the above is just another factor of the protests that are going on, for the right to to be able to be in a position to be able to have time to focus on physical health. This in turn allows you for mental well being, which everyone regardless of nationality has the right to be able to afford for them selves. For too long African Americans have not been given that right though out the system.