A New Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Special is Right Around The Corner


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Dave Chappelle in the trailer for his new stand-up special 'The Closer.'Dave Chappelle in the trailer for his new stand-up special 'The Closer.'

Source: Youtube/Netflix

The new special from Dave Chappelle is set to arrive next week.

Dave Chappelle has announced a new stand-up special.

Set to premiere on Netflix on October 5th, the new special, titled The Closer, was teased in a trailer released on Wednesday. Instead of offering any new material, the clip is a supercut of Chappelle’s first five specials for the streamer, connecting them with the throughline, “Comedians have the responsibility to speak recklessly.”

The Closer will mark Chappelle’s sixth and potentially final special for the streamer. In 2016, the comedian signed a lucrative deal for three specials with Netflix, comprising two previously recorded sets from his personal archive, Deep in The Heart of Texas and Age of Spin, and one original special, Equinimity. With the release of the latter, Chappelle simultaneously dropped a fourth set with The Bird Revelation in 2017. And in 2019, the comedian followed a prolific run with Sticks and Stones, which went on to win him a third consecutive Grammy for “Best Comedy Album.”

Chappelle’s resurgence has also earned him some love from the Emmys for the first time since his sketch show was on the air. Only this time around, Chappelle has become something of a sure-shot winner in whatever category he happened to be nominated in. Equinimity brought Chappelle his first award from the Television Academy in 2018. Sticks and Stones wracked up two more in 2020. Despite having been nominated four times for his sobering mid-pandemic special, 8:46 (recorded from his comedy summer camp in the wake of George Floyd’s murder,) the comedian walked away from the 2021 awards with only one trophy for bookending the Trump administration as a return host on Saturday Night Live.

Watch the trailer for the new Dave Chappelle special below. Hold tight for the premiere of The Closer on Netflix on October 5th.