Artist used ‘Warframe’ skins to fund sister’s degree and support parents

A Warframe TennoGen artist was able to fund his sister’s degree and help support his parents thanks to the creation of his in-game skins.

TennoGen is a Warframe program that is designed to allow gamers and artists to create and submit their own in-game cosmetics for consideration to be included in the game. If they’re popular enough, the artist receives a 30 per cent cut of all sales.

Lendel Farjado, who lives in the Philippines with his parents and siblings and goes by the name LED2012 online, seems to have found success in his designs as he explains in a new interview.

Speaking to PCGamer, Farjado, who has had no formal training in 3D art, explained that they started creating skins “since the very first round, announced in November 2015” saying that on his first try he didn’t get in.

Warframe skin made by Lendel Fajardo
Credit: Lendel Fajardo

“I was familiar with paid stuff from Dota 2 Steam Workshop before and there were some internet conversations about it being lucrative so I didn’t [give] up, reworked and focused on one of my items and eventually got picked on the second round,” Farjado said.

The artist describes how although he had no educational background in 3D art, he wanted to learn saying that he kept trying but couldn’t seem to handle “how to properly design helmets and full skins so I focused on Syandanas [the capes that Warframes wear], with my second item the Maharliqa, kinda inspired by the Philippine flag.”

Eventually, Farjado became familiar with the free open-source 3D modelling software Blender and began creating more Warframe cosmetics for the game, while also going on to do collaborations with other designers in the community such as Daemonstar.

He went on to explain that he was able to begin providing for his family, using Warframe cosmetic sales to fully upgrade his PC as well as fund his sister’s degree in medical technology.

Farjado was able to start making a living from Warframe and was able to help renovate his parent’s house as well as pay for their bills and donate food to locals who needed it during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artist expressed he eventually wants to get a job in the industry saying he feels happy when he sees players wearing his hands in-game.

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