ARTY invites streamers to see the ‘Brighter Side’

ARTY invites streamers to see the ‘Brighter Side’ARTY

ARTY has put out another emotion-evoking single, “Brighter Side.” The Russian DJ/producer began teasing the release—a “very special and personal record” for him—just a few weeks before it came out.

“Brighter Side” is in a constant state of build bolstered by light guitar notes and a heartfelt topline. The electronic elements kick in as the track approaches its chorus, yielding a contrastingly euphoric break that gives the subdued introduction an optimistic conclusion.

2021 is similar to 2020 in the context of ARTY’s catalog in that ARTY has been feeding fans new music on almost a monthly basis, keeping his output high and his fans engaged. “Brighter Side” is out now via the producer’s longtime label, Armada Music.

Featured image: Kat Lam

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