Emilia Clarke on ‘Game of Thrones’ ending: “I see it with only peace”

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has reflected on the ending of the series, saying she “only sees it with peace”.

Addressing the controversy sounding the divisive final series of the HBO show, Clarke told the Hollywood Reporter about her experience.

“I think it’ll take me to my 90s to be able to objectively see what Game of Thrones was, because there’s just too much me in it,” the actress began.

“I have too many emotional reactions for what Emilia, herself, was experiencing at that moment in time when we were filming it. You know what I mean? I watch a scene and I go, ‘Oh, that was when [such and such] happened,’ which you didn’t see on screen.”

Emilia Clarke Marvel
‘Game Of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke

Nodding to the future of the Thrones universe with a number of forthcoming prequel projects, Clarke went on: “And I think there’s something timely about the prequels and the continuation of the Game of Thrones story coming about now. I look at it and I’m like, ‘Wow, yeah.’ So I see it with only peace.

“I’m still friends with people from the show, and I know I will be friends with these people until the day I die.”

On her character Daenerys and the show’s “beautiful memory”, Clarke added: “Daenerys has a part of my heart. She is in there, and I’ll never forget. So I think that there’s the show, the impact of the show, the impact of the show on me, personally and professionally, and the zeitgeist-iness of it. And then there’s Daenerys.

“So that’s my own private little space that I don’t need to make peace with because it’s just a beautiful memory. It’s just a beautiful memory.”

Clarke recently said that she would change the scene where her character died if given the chance.