HOLOW coordinates house and future-pop’s collision on ‘Comet’

HOLOW coordinates house and future-pop’s collision on ‘Comet’HOLOW

Paris-hailing HOLOW has his finger planted firmly on the pulse of house and future-pop’s crossover, otherwise known to streamers as “Comet.” An analog synth-cued cut with buoyancy and a topline that draws parallels to Ariana Grande’s pipes in more than just a few moments, “Comet” is a candidate for stuck in your head status that epitomizes easy listening as it further carves HOLOW’s niche in the modern music context.

Trailing January’s Max Green-guided “Chemicals,” “Comet” is the St. Germain-born artist’s sophomore single of the calendar year, and in the grand HOLOW schema, tacks onto a series of one-offs that he’s steadily supplied since 2017. For a compelling case as to why HOLOW should earn some of your ear time, refer to the two-minute and 54-second jaunt below.

“Comet” is out now via Ultra Records.

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