Mixtape Monday: Prem Rock, Lord Byron, Allmos, Stimulator Jones, LESKY + More

Karas Lamb

Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…

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Dig tunes from Prem Rock, Lord Byron, Allmos, Stimulator Jones, LESKY and more this Mixtape Monday.

Prem Rock is first up with Load Bearing Crow’s Feet, Lord Byron drops A Portrait Of Fyodor On Fire, Allmos returns with Sound Affects Vol. 2, Stimulator Jones follows with Dust Bunnies and LESKY delivers Meraki.

L.I.F.E. Long & FATCATHAYZE 156 team on the Urban Sportsman EP, Supreme drops Love Jones, Lightfoot is on deck with Terra Incognita, Killer Kane is Drifting Upstream and Flamingosis follows with Daymaker. Brainstory make the cut with Ripe, Squidgenini drops SQUID, John Carroll Kirby delivers Septet and Emanuele Triglia closes with Make It Pure.

Prem Rock – Load Bearing Crow’s Feet

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NYC’s own Prem Rock is fully realized on Load Bearing Crow’s Feet featuring Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, ELUCID, and more.

Lord Byron – A Portrait Of Fyodor On Fire

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Representing for Dallas, Lord Byron drops A Portrait Of Fyodor On Fire produced by Ben Hixon and Ryan Gibbons.

Allmos – Sound Affects, Vol. 2

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Back on deck after the release of Sound Affects, Vol. 1 and the Mostly Remixes EP, Allmos delivers Sound Affects, Vol. 2.

Stimulator Jones – Dust Bunnies

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Following Dance Of The Universe, producer Stimulator Jones is back to represent Virginia with the Dust Bunnies beat tape.

LESKY – Meraki

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Following lead single “Oyster,” producer LESKY makes his full-length debut with the release of the new album Meraki.

Life L.O.N.G. x FATCATHAYZE 156 – Urban Sportsman EP

Representing Gritty New York City, Life L.O.N.G. and FATCATHAYZE 156 go to work on the Urban Sportsman EP.

Supreme – Love Jones EP

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Staten Island-bred spitter Supreme explores the nuances of interpersonal relationships on the introspective Love Jones EP.

Lightfoot – Terra Incognita

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Representing Boston, producer Lightfoot celebrates his vinyl debut with the release of the rhythmically dense and expansive Terra Incognita.

killer kane – Drifting Upstream

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Representing New Jersey, rising producer killer kane follows the League of Villains remixtape series with Drifting Upstream.

Flamingosis – Daymaker

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Following lead singles “Cosmic Feeling” and the title track, Flamingosis combines archival audio and acoustic on Daymaker.

Brainstory – Ripe EP

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West coast psych soul collective Brainstory take a closer look at themselves on the lockdown masterpiece known as the Ripe EP.

Squidgenini – SQUID

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Brisbane’s own Squidgenini puts her best foot forward with the release of the self-produced sonic meditation titled SQUID.


John Carroll Kirby – Septet

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One year removed from 2020’s Love Theme and the recent live album Blueberry Beads, John Carroll Kirby returns with Septet.


Emanuele Triglia – Make It Pure

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Following 2020’s How You Feel and subsequent singles, Emanuele Triglia drops the self-produced album Make It Pure.




Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard yet. She wants to listen to your music. Follow her on Twitter @karaslamb.