‘Warframe’ expansion ‘The New War’ to be playable at TennoCon 2021

Warframe developer Digital Extremes has announced that the upcoming expansion, The New War, will receive an interactive preview at TennoCon 2021.

You can watch the official trailer for TennoCon 2021 – a celebration of all things Warframe – below:

The New War’s gameplay reveal will occur at the TennoLive broadcast on July 17, which takes place at 10pm BST (5pm ET). The stream will let players see “the first-ever gameplay reveal of The New War, and experience a special event in-game from the TennoLive Relay”. Players will be able to play the preview alongside Digital Extremes developers as well.

Players who watch the TennoCon stream on Twitch for 30 consecutive minutes will also be able to redeem the Vastilok Gunblade, as long as they are signed in with a linked account.  The “gilded trickster” Loki Prime will also be redeemable if players watch the separate TennoLive stream as well.

Warframe. Credit: Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes added: “Join us in the TennoLive Relay starting at 5 p.m. ET for a front-row seat to an immersive cinematic experience. Stay until the end of the show to get the ceremonial Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set!”

Rebecca Ford, the live operations and community director at Digital Extremes, said in a press release (thanks, PCGamesN)  “we’ve spent a lot of time talking about The New War on dev streams and at past TennoCons. We’ve shown cinematics, added in-game messages and lead ups, and now the wait is over…” She added “we are so excited to finally provide some answers and give everyone a small piece of what’s to come with The New War”.

In other news, LeBron James is now officially coming to Fortnite as part of the Icon Series. James will come with three outfits, which includes the LeBron James Outfit and his Space Jam: A New Legacy kit as well.