What Happens When Killmonger Meets Iron Man? Find out in Marvel’s latest Show ‘What If… ?’

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animated killmonger Marvel Studios' What... If?animated killmonger Marvel Studios' What... If?

Photo Credit: Disney+

Marvel Studios’ What If… ? is the fifth MCU show to debut on Disney+.

There is only one episode of Loki left. And Marvel is already thinking of what is coming next. 

On Thursday, Marvel released the trailer for their latest show, What If … ? This is the first animated series released by Marvel and features a number of comic book entities coming together. The show will explore the Multiverse, putting all of your favorite superheroes in new scenarios. So, in the trailer you see what happens if Tony Stark (aka Ironman) was saved by Black Panther villain Erik Killmonger or what would happen if Yondu, bad guy in Guardians of the Galaxy, snatched up T’Challa instead of Peter Quill. The premise of the show comes from the comics and goes back to the ’70s. The first issue of What If? was released in 1977 and took a look at what would happen if Spider-man joined the Fantastic Four. 

There is an infinite amount of directions Marvel could go with this show. The coolest thing about it is that the characters will be voiced by their actual actors in the movie. So, yes, that is Chadwick Boseman voicing Black Panther (this is most likely the last time you‘ll hear Boseman play that character.)

What If…? will debut on Disney+ on August 11th. It is the fourth Marvel show to debut on the platform, after Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki.

What the trailer for Marvel Studios’ What if… ? below.