Free Video Series for New “Time Anxiety” Course

Free Video Series for New “Time Anxiety” Course

This morning I announced an upcoming course about Time Anxiety. I shared the news with my private newsletter, and hundreds of people joined the waiting list right away.

Watch this video to learn more:


As I say in the video, time anxiety is the fear of running out of time. I believe that millions of people experience this struggle on a daily basis, but there’s very little in the way of tools or solutions—or even acknowledgment of the problem!

For the past four months (ever since I first published an earlier post and got a tremendous response), I’ve been researching and working on a cohort-based course. My goal is to help everyone who participates in the course to feel less anxious and ultimately be more effective.

Pre-List Now Open

You can now join the pre-list and be the first to hear registration details. This is going to be a very special experience!

It’s also going to a be a highly limited experience. I’ll be working directly with everyone in the course for five weeks of live sessions. Unlike most of my work, which is either freely available or very low cost (daily podcast, books, etc.) this will be a personal experience for a small, select group.

Since I know that demand will exceed supply for the course itself, I did my best to make sure that the free video series we’re using during the prelaunch phase isn’t just a pitch. If you subscribe, you’ll hear about the course, but you’ll also get several tips and insights from my research.

Enjoy! I’ll post more on the blog when registration for the course is open.