Dating Directory: Renee Slansky Shares Expert Tips on Romance and Relationships

The Short Version: Some women have a difficult time on the dating scene, but Author and Dating Coach Renee Slansky want to make it easier.

That’s why she created Dating Directory, an advice blog, and brand that provides women with the information Renee wished she knew a decade ago.

Dating Directory offers one-on-one coaching, group sessions, and blog posts that answer many of the common questions singles have.

Author and Dating Coach Renee Slansky said she never planned on becoming an expert in love and romance for women. But after eight years of creating content on her platform the Dating Directory, she is now an established voice in the industry.

Renee learned many of the tips and tools she shares with single women more than a decade ago, as she spent time in toxic relationships with the wrong guys.

The Dating Directory logoThe Dating Directory offers articles and resources to help singles find love.

“I just wanted to start writing a blog that told women what not to do, which is what I did,” she said.

“It was created purely from a passion for writing and wanting to help women, and the fascination I have about love and relationships.”

Dating Directory quickly became the top relationship advice blog in Australia and is now considered one of the top 30 blogs in the world.

It led to writing opportunities for Renee in international magazines and on dating platforms, including the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Your Tango, Plenty Of Fish, and eHarmony. Soon, top dating apps and sites hired her as an advisor, which led to a growing interest in her skills as a coach.

And it all happened organically based on the power of Renee’s advice.

“I didn’t plan any of this, but I turned my mistakes into something that has been able to help a lot of people,” she said.

Today, she works with men and women on a variety of levels to help them overcome whatever is stopping them from enjoying meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Renee launched the blog about eight years ago and initially focused on topics that interested her. As her readership grew, she said she realized she wanted to help people with various other pain points.

She often writes for modern women ages 25 to 45 and helps them address the most common issues they face. Topics include managing long-distance relationships, the challenges of social media, dating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and handling rejection.

“These are fundamental dating and relationship problems, including modern dating issues as well. I’m in contact with a lot of my subscribers through my YouTube channel and my social media, and I ask questions,” she said. “I ask my audience to work out what people are struggling with.”

Renee partners with other experts to serve as guest writers on her blog. She connects readers with psychologists, divorce lawyers, and other professionals who offer practical advice that can help anyone in their daily lives.

“To me, my blog is a platform that I want people to get an answer for whatever it is that they are going through, whether you’re male or female,” she said.

“I want it to be relevant, with statistics, graphics, and deeper articles that provide practical information.”

Her ultimate goal is to help people feel like they’re making progress in their lives in the areas they find lacking.

Along with writing her blog and posting videos on her YouTube channel, Renee offers her expert advice through a wide range of coaching services.

She created automated programs geared toward women, allowing them to work at their own pace. That means they can implement the advice into their lives as quickly or as slowly as they want.

“Whether it’s wondering how to get a guy to commit, learning how to date in 30 days, or wanting to do deeper work, it’s up to you and your budget,” she said.

Renee also offers one-on-one coaching for singles and couples. This is an in-depth option, and Renee provides tailored plans to address whatever is going on with clients.

Photo of Author and Dating Coach Renee Slansky

Renee Slansky offers individual and group coaching to help people prepare themselves for a relationship.

Finally, she offers a group coaching program, which she likens to buying a gym membership and receiving personal training as part of the membership fee. The option is known as The Flourish Project.

“It is a subscription for your heart and your mind, with access to resources, coaching, and life Q&As that women can be part of every month,” she explained.

“Whether they’re single, dating, or divorced, it’s something for everyone.”

Renee works with a limited number of retreats throughout the year and participates in master classes and live webinars to expand her reach even further.

“I think retreats and virtual classes are great options for people who like to absorb their learning through the year and to have someone teach them rather than just reading,” Renee said.

Renee said she has never been busier, especially now that so many singles struggle to navigate dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. She discovered that it’s not all bad news for finding love, even in the age of social distancing.

“It’s definitely bringing more awareness to why people are struggling in relationships and why people struggle in love,” she said.

“I had more clients than ever last year find love. We’re struggling, but people are getting engaged and getting married despite what is going on globally.”

Renee said her goal is not just to help a single person find a romantic partner but also to change their life for the better. One client came to her as a complete wreck and could barely sleep.

The client had so much anxiety about her relationship that her eyelashes were falling out. Within a few months of working with Renee, her physical health improved along with her romantic life.

“I’ve had other amazing stories with women that have come out of abusive relationships. For the first time, in their 30s or 40s, they’re experiencing self-love and breaking free from these toxic cycles,” she said.

“I’ve had people work with me, find a husband in seven months and have a baby. It’s what they’ve always wanted, and there’s nothing more fulfilling to me.”

Renee said she strives to help women learn the skills they need to create a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. She even hopes to bring love education to schools.

“Love education is something that is vital and should be a life skill,” Renee said.

We need to learn how to regulate emotions, be smart and strategic so you don’t attach yourself to someone who isn’t right for you. All this stuff is life-changing. That is the mission behind everything I do.