Dealing with a Breakup : Podcast Interview

Do you know how to deal with breakups?

There are many reasons that relationships come to an end. But at the end of the day, they are never easy to deal with and you often leave the relationship feeling lost and confused.

Hi, I’m Renee Slansky, founder of The Dating Directory, I joined this podcast to help explain what is happening during a breakup and how best to cope.

I gave incredible advice as to what steps you can take to transform your lives and reestablish yourselves without your now ‘ex-partner’.

In this interview, I share:

-Journey as a Relationship Coach
-Relationship experiences
-What can lead to Breakups?
-Communication in love
-How to have a stronger relationship?
-Tips on how to communicate with men
-How to prevent breakups
-Relationship advice
-Dating Advice
-Determine a healthy time to breakup
-Toxic cycle in a relationship
-Seasons of relationship
-Mechanism to deal with a breakups
-Sex in a relationship
-What is a healthy approach to a breakup
-Self-love advice
-Rebound in relationship
-Delay in healing or move on
-Recommend being friends after the breakup?
-No communication after a breakup can help you to move on
-Tips on how to recover after breakups
-Past relationship breakup experience
-How you feel an on and off in a relationship or toxic relationship
-Strategy on how to move out in a toxic relationship