How to Love Like the French!

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love like the frenchlove like the french

French author, Guy Blaise, shows you how to love like the French. (HINT: His grandmother taught him how to be a good lover.) Listen in!

From Tinder to bars to speed dating, you’ve tried it all. So why does every relationship you find yourself in feel so lackluster? Author and Frenchman Guy Blaise wants you to know that it’s not you that’s the problem: It’s the fundamental failure of American culture to teach its male-identifying people how to love well. Today, we’ll be talking about his new book, Love Like the French: A Guide to Better Romance and Relationships

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Tips and tricks on love and dating that Guy’s French grandmother taught him while growing up
  • Why American women put up with lackluster love and sex lives, and how to get more of what you want rather than what he wants
  • How small signs of affection in the day-to-day makes all the difference in creating a healthy, fulfilling relationship
  • How to understand and work with opposite libidos rather than becoming frustrated by them, and why it’s no cause for worry
  • How to use online dating platforms like an expert with Guy’s tips 

EP 464: Guy Blaise – How to Love Like the French

What are some tips and tricks on love and dating that you learned from your French grandmother?

My grandmother, Elizabeth, is 93. I was her first grandson and got to hear her wisdom about respecting a woman, and I heard her dating advice to her daughters.

  1. When a woman loves a man more than he loves her, she’s in trouble. When you love too much it can be bad. Women who are loved more end up in stable relationships.
  2. Appreciate each other. Say thank you for any gesture you do for each other.
  3. Work out your differences. My sister used to punish her husband by withholding sex. Don’t do that. Use sex to bond once you’ve worked out your issues.
  4. Do acts of kindness from your heart without expecting rewards.
  5. Love is like planting seeds. Water it, and you’ll get the reward. Don’t expect instant chemistry and love.

What are some of the biggest differences between how the French and Americans love?

Divorced people in America are often suspicious and don’t want to get married again. They’re afraid of loving again. But…it could be a renaissance. There’s hope at any age.

In France, we’re more open to risk and open to discuss any topic. We need to be freer and more open here in America.

Why do you think American women put up with lackluster sex lives?

Marriage in America seems like a business transaction. Sometimes the sex is bad from the beginning, and people hope somehow the sex will become great over time, but it doesn’t.

In France, sex is one of the reasons people marry. It’s just as important as money and other forms of compatibility. If women went to France for a month, I guarantee 90 percent would fire their husbands.

What are some small ways to improve your sex life outside the bedroom?

In France, sex doesn’t start at night in bed. It starts eight hours earlier, building up. Do everything you can to release stress. Don’t have arguments that day. Buy flowers for her, not just on Valentine’s Day. Surprise each other. Physical touch is important, too. Be consistent. Don’t just be nice to her if you want sex.

How can a man work with a woman who has a different level of libido?

There’s always a solution for any sexual problem you may have. If one person wants sex more than the other, find out what the other person wants. It’s not just about intercourse. There are many ways to connect sexually and intimately.

A woman is like an oven. Preheat the oven before baking the cookie!

How can men improve their online dating success?

My advice is be who you are. Be honest about your height and pics. 

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