Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? 10 Reasons

Have you ever wondered, why do girls like bad boys? 

The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Born bad

I’m going to answer this question and help you get the girls you really want. The “out of my league” hotties that only seem to date surfers, tattoo artists, or punk rock drummers. The bad boys. 

First… I suppose I’m a bad boy. I’ve slept with a lot of beautiful women, which wouldn’t have been possible If I was still a nice, proper boy who really cared what everyone thought about me. 

I spent years approaching women in bars, malls, cafes, and doing everything possible to reprogram the wimpy nice guy out of my brain. 

It worked. 

In order to become attractive to women, I had to ask why do girls like bad boys? And then basically… become one. 

You can do it too. It’s not easy, but you can. 

Sexy Girls are Intimidating

When I was a younger man, I found beautiful girls really, really intimidating. I didn’t learn how to seduce women until much later.

They didn’t just make me shy, or insecure; if I talked to one I’d have a full blown panic attack. 

I’d stutter, sweat, and almost blackout. So instead of approaching the girls I liked, and authentically expressing my personality, I’d just play the “nice” guy, and not say anything at all… which made me invisible to them. 

So I watched from the dating sideline, fantasizing about having a sexy girlfriend, while they passed me by for the more confident, outgoing, alpha male bad boys. 

As I’d lay in bed alone at night, playing with one-eyed willy, I’d ask myself who do girls like bad boys?  Why don’t they like meeeeeee? 

And a single tear would role down my nice boy cheek. 

Not more! I’ve been all over the world, turning nice boys into bad boys so they can get the hotties of their dreams. 

With this article I’m going to go into depth on why do girls like bad boys… but for you lazy readers, I’ll answer it right now. 

So then… Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? 

Why do girls like bad boys?

There’s no easy answer why girls dig the bad boys. 

I could point towards evolutionary biology, and how wimps and simps in the wild would simply die if they were too nice. 

Imagine this scenario: 

There’s a nuclear apocalypse. Everyone is forced to live in warring tribes, and scavenge for survival. 

You’re a young, beautiful girl, who’s sure to end up some sort of sex slave unless: 

a. You find a strong, powerful man (preferably with a tribe) to protect you.


b. There is no option b. 

And that’s how it’s been for most of human history. 

So if you were this girl, roaming the post apocalyptic wastelands, who would you choose to be with? A nice guy, or a bad ass? 

You’d go with the guy who could kill his enemies, provide for and protect you. That’s it. You would hope he was kind and funny too. 

Because a bad boy doesn’t have to be cruel. He can still be nice, even while he’s swinging a battle axe and destroying his enemies. 

Women’s hindbrains haven’t evolved much past this. And that’s not a diss on women. Men aren’t much more complex. Show us nice boobs and watch us become monkeys. 

Beyond the Mad Max Monkey theory… here’s a few other reason why girls like bad boys. 

1. Girls like bad boys because they’re more fun and exciting to be with 

When I was a teenager, I had a friend named John. 

John was the town scrapper. He loved to fight, and would find every opportunity to practice his craft. 

At least once a week we’d hear a story about John getting into a fight, or if he was going to have a fight, we’d all go and watch. 

Lots of pretty girls liked John. If they were with him, they knew it was only a matter of time before he found some drama, and a reason to fight. 

These girls didn’t want to see John fight or get hurt, they just enjoyed being around the excitement… the drama of it all. They liked being close to the guy with all the attention. After all, John chose her to be with, over all the other girls. 

This is why seemingly nice girls are attracted to rappers, street car racers, thugs and criminals. 

These men may be dangerous, and get themselves into sketchy, dramatic situations. But they sure are more exciting and fun to be around than a boring old nice guy. 

2. Bad boys are less needy 

Every pretty girl has a story (or ten) about a guy they dated who then became a needy clinger. 

Some guys even become stalkers. These are usually the “nice” guys. The bad boys don’t need to cling. They have plenty of girls to choose from. And besides, who needs a girl when you have a band, or a motorcycle? 

Back before I had any game, I was also a needy guy. If I convinced a pretty girl to go out with me, I’d think, “better hold on tight because I may never meet another one.” 

This always drove the girls away. 

What happens when you squeeze a cat? It scratches you and runs off. But what happens if you ignore a cat? It climbs into your lap purring. 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they don’t NEED a girl. They’re self-amused, and can get by just as well without a girl in their lives. 

Whether she’s with her bad boy, or not… he doesn’t care. He’s happy either way, because he knows there’s another girl for him on the next block, in the next city, or the next country. 

This makes him very attractive. 

3. They’re more challenging 

I saw a documentary about a woman who disguised herself as a man. Her big takeaway was that everyone wasn’t super nice to her all the time. 

Beautiful women are used to seemingly nice men handing them life on a silver platter. This is why gold diggers exist, because there are men willing to give them resources for their time and attention. 

Nice guys pay these girls not in gold, but in positive attention, and compliance. 

I have a friend who I met when he was painting a girl’s house. 

“Do you like this girl?” I asked. 

“Oh yeah.” 

“And you’re hoping if you paint her house, she’ll date you?” 

“Well… umm.” 

I gave him a healthy dose of redpill that giving away his labor was a fast track to the friend zone. 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they’re a challenge. They don’t need to buy affection with gifts or favours. They do what they want, when they want to. It’s up to the girl to distract the bad boy away from his adventures, onto her. Not vice versa. 

4. Bad boys are more masculine 

Women like men who are men

Let’s face it, the modern man has been feminized. 

Maybe it’s all the anti-male propaganda in the media, perhaps it’s the soy in much of our food. But real rough, masculine men are becoming endangered species (at least in cities.) 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they’re more man than woman. 

They don’t need to share their thoughts on gender equality. They don’t care if they objectify women. They don’t care if they get rejected by a girl. They don’t shave their balls. 

They shoot guns, drive trucks, motorcycles, and sports cars. They do man stuff. 

They may be bad boys, but they’re good at being men. 

This doesn’t mean they’re noble, or keep their word. They’re just not confused about their gender, or their place in the spectrum. 

5. Girls feel safer and more protected 

You might think (if you’re a nice guy) that women are independent and capable of taking care of themselves. 

Bad boys don’t think like this. They know instinctively that it’s their job to protect their women. Yes, they’re sexist, chauvinist pigs! And that’s what makes them sexy. 

I’ve asked girlfriends in the past, what do they feel when they’re with me? 

“I feel safe.” 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because being a girl is tricky. There are lots of men who might hurt, exploit, and take advantage of them. Especially those icky nice boys who pretend to be courteous when all they really want is to eat their ass. 

Sure, a bad boy might be good at fighting. He may be taller, or stronger than her which makes her feel protected. But that’s not what she means. 

6. Women trust men they feel safe with 

When a girl feels safe with a man, it’s because she trusts him. She trusts he’s not going to let her down. That if he says he’ll do it, he will do it. 

If shit hits the fan, he won’t abandon her to the wolves. Whether that means missing a flight, and getting her ass onto the next plane, or fixing the clogged toilet. Not because he needs to please her, but because shit needs to get done. 

She trusts that he won’t fly into a jealous rage the first time another guy tries to flirt with her. 

He won’t show up on her doorstep crying when she doesn’t text him back right away. 

When she’s with her bad boy… she feels safe because he will get it done, unlike the cowardly nice guy who will crumble at the first hardship. 

7. They’re more real (than fake nice guys)

Keeping it real?

Remember my friend who was so nice he offered to paint a girl’s house? When he really just wanted to sleep with her? 

That’s being a fake nice guy. 

A real nice guy would drive a girl to work, buy her dinner, carry her groceries not because he wanted to bang her, but wanted to help a friend. 

Bad boys may paint her house, but they’ll do that after they get paid. Because why would he paint someone’s house for free? He’ll at least expect pizza. 

Creepy men are being fake nice to women all the time in the lame hope they’ll get laid. Bad boys don’t need to fake it. First they get the girl, then if they feel like it… they help out. 

More often you’ll find women cleaning the bad boys apartment, cooking his lunch, and giving him a back rub before he rides off on his Harley for a three day road trip with his boys. 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they’re authentic. Even if they’re authentically jerks… at least they’re real. 

8. They’re independent 

Bad boys aren’t scared of the dark. They aren’t worried about bears in the woods. They don’t need help. But if they do, they get it. 

The nice guy gets lonely. He needs someone to shop with him so he doesn’t pick the wrong shoes. He’ll call you at ten pm, because he needs someone to talk to, and he knows you go to bed at eleven. 

Why do women like bad boys? Because the bad boy doesn’t need them. He is absolutely fine on his own. The girl feels privileged that he included her in his adventure at all. 

9. Bad boys are unpredictable

When I was hanging out with my friend John, you never knew what adventure you’d be on next. 

One minute you’re walking down the road to visit a buddy, the next you’re hopping into someone’s car, and you’re off to shoot guns in the forest. John was unpredictable, and that made him very fun, and sometimes scary to be around. 

The nice guy plans everything out in advance. 

He’s careful so that he doesn’t make a mistake. He doesn’t want to put himself in danger. So under the disguise of someone who cares about the safety of others, he acts out his cowardice. 

The bad boy thrives on danger. Without it, he falls asleep at the wheel. 

10. They’re care free

Bad boys don’t care what you think about them

The nice guy cares about everything. 

Being on time, making a good grade. The bad boy just does not care. He’s Huckleberry Finn, fishing, fighting, and chasing girls. 

That doesn’t mean he’s lazy, or stupid. He just does not give a damn what anybody thinks. And the stuff that most people worry about, seems pointless and stupid to him. 

This lack of caring sets him free. And to be near freedom allows women to experience their own freedom, without the responsibility or consequence. 

11. Bad boys are dangerous

Being care free, independent, masculine, and unpredictable makes a man very sexy. But it also makes him dangerous. 

A high risk life can mean a short life. But that’s part of their allure. 

The closer to death you are, the more alive you feel. Ask any adrenaline junky. 

Being in the orbit of a bad boy can feel intoxicatingly dangerous. You never know when he’s going to take his car for a high speed joyride, get into a fist fight, or break into an abandoned amusement park. 

This dangerous nature is very enticing to women who want to experience a more exciting life. 

How to Be a Bad Boy (and Get The Girls)

So how do you know if you’re a bad boy, or a nice boy? 

If you’re knee deep in hot girls that want to date you… but you don’t really care… you’re probably a bad boy. 

If you’re a nice guy who wants to be better at attracting girls, then here are some rules for being more bad. 

1. Don’t give a damn what people think about you

Could you approach a group of girls, go straight to the one you like and tell her she’s hot? 

Could you walk down the street with a dildo stuck to your head and not care? 

Most people care deeply about what others think about them, and for good reason. In some cultures, if you don’t fit in, you die. You’ll be outcast to fend for yourself. 

However if you’re living in a modern town or city in the first world, you don’t need to worry about this. No matter how many social circles abandon you, there’s always another group that would take you in. 

And besides, why do you need anyone? Bad boys are totally fine being alone. 

2. Do what you want, when you want

Bikers do what they want

As I write this from a beach in Mexico, everyone I know is locked up back in Canada. They want us all to stay home. So what did I do? I bought a one way ticket.  

Bad boys do what they want to do, not what they’re told to do. They’re a little bit rogue, a bit outlaw. 

When’s the last time you did something for you? When did you break a rule? Do more of that and you’ll know why girls like bad boys, because they’ll find you.

3. Say “no” and mean it

Nice guys are people pleasers. Like my friend who paints a girls house in the distant hope he might get laid. 

Bad boys just say “No thanks.” 

You could say no to authority, to you parents, your boss, or anyone who crosses your line. 

Bad boys are their own authority. They make decisions for themselves, do what they want to do, and take what they want to take. 

4. Never apologize (unless you mean it)

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they don’t apologize for being themselves. 

Nice guys will try to kiss a girl, and when she turns her cheek they go, “Oh, I’m sorry.” 

Bad boys know there’s no point to apologize for being who they are, and doing what they do. 

That’s part of their appeal… their honesty, and authenticity. 

5. Do something risky

Risk is good. We’re made for danger. We come from soldiers, warriors and heroes. Do something risky and feel alive. 

  • Buy a motorcycle
  • Get a tattoo
  • Join a fight club
  • Travel alone in a poor country
  • Backpack in the forest alone for a week

Nice guys are afraid of death, which means they’re afraid of life. They don’t want to do something risky. 

Bad boys are risky by nature. They do risky things, because they want to, and it’s fun. 

Why do girls like bad boys? Because they take risks, and risks are fun. 


Why do girls like bad boys? 

Because they’re sexy, dangerous, wild, unpredictable, fun, aloof, and great lovers.  

You may not be a bad boy, but if you want more success with attractive women, then you should start adopting at least the philosophy of the bad boy. 

Stop giving a shit what people think about you, and go for what you want in life. 

In our modern society of feminized sheep-men, that’s practically an act of rebellion.