Home Stretch To Exercise Stress Test

I’ll be having a treadmill stress test on June 16, a week from this coming wednesday. Today I did one of my last training sessions “peaking” for it. I’ll do one more in a couple of days, then “taper”, all of which is treating this upcoming challenge as if it were a race.

This is looking up W. Dunne Ave, one of the steep local streets I like to power walk up as part of my preparation:

And this is the view from the top:

It’s been going well, my times on all of these are coming down. It will be interesting to see how this translates to the test, which is a progression that gets harder every three minutes. I’ve tried simulating the progression on my bike by gradually going faster but it’s not quite the same muscles. It’s not easy to simulate walking outside, you’d need a long hill that progressively gets steeper. W. Dunne Ave does get steeper, but isn’t long enough. No matter how well the test goes, at least all this fast uphill walking should help when I rejoin my hiking buddies soon.