50 Cent hints that ‘Power Book IV: Force’ is on its way

50 Cent has teased that Power Book IV: Force, the third spin-off in the Power universe, is on its way.

Speaking to Digital Spy, 50 Cent along with actor Mekai Curtis were asked about Force updates.

50 said a new show “was coming” while Curtis added: “I can’t wait for Force.”

50 Cent performs live in 2019. CREDIT: Dave Simpson/WireImage

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 went on to say how his own upbringing in Southside Jamaica, New York, influenced Kanan Stark’s backstory in Power Book III: Raising Kanan

“Well, just the environment the neighbourhood was, was a lot harder back then in the ’90s,” he said.

“You look at the beautiful buildings in New York City, they just didn’t have windows. There just was abandoned buildings at that part. It was like a lot more, see no evil, hear no evil. Then you scarper when the police come, and like ‘I don’t know what happened’.

“And if you watch like First 48 now you’ll see how fast they tell. They’re all just telling on everybody. Detective, all you had to do is just come in with a badge.”

In other news, 50 recently said he’s no longer interested in appearing as part of Timbaland and Swizz Beatzonline battle rap series Verzuz.

50 was asked by an interviewer at the premiere of his new show – Power Book III: Raising Kanan – if he had plans to ever participate in the series, which originated during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic last year on Instagram Live.

“A Verzuz battle? Probably not,” 50 replies. “We back outside. That was something that happened during the pandemic when we was stuck in the house. Now that we back outside, there’s other things to do. We supposed to be creating new history, not being back there.”

Earlier this month, 50 confirmed new music is on the way, with the rapper signalling a September arrival date.