Carey Renee Drops A Passionate Track, ‘House Is Burning’

Carey Renee has become a repeated name in the music industry due to her spine-chilling vocals and lyrics that hit way too close to home. The latest track, titled House Is Burning, is an outstanding representation of the artist’s abilities and vocal skills. As it packs relatable verses and moving sonic shades, Renee adds a certain level of mystery and intrigue to the track with her voice.

Proffering a chilling ride down an emotional terrain, the track boasts perfectly assorted musical harmonies and chords. As if that weren’t enough, Renee also released a mesmerizing music video to go with her general artistic aura. Bound with drama and excitement, the visuals push Renee off onto a sure-fire hit track. As she spews the chorus, “This house is burning,” you can feel Renee bestowing an utmost level of performance to her fans.

Carey Renee is becoming a household name not to mess with. Watch her latest music video down below.


Buy official artist merch and vinyl

Buy official artist merch and vinyl