Dappy helps save man’s life after talking him out of jumping off Tower Bridge

Dappy has helped save a man’s life after talking him out of jumping off London’s Tower Bridge.

The former N-Dubz rapper was shooting a music video nearby when he saw a number of police cars and ambulances arrive in the area. It was then he was alerted to a 27-year-old man, who was a fan of his, in danger on the bridge.

A source told The Sun: “Dappy was filming his new music video around Tower Bridge, but saw loads of police cars and ambulances dotted around. The bridge got closed off, and police asked him to leave the area.

“As he was walking away, Dappy heard this young guy shouting his name and waving frantically as he was perched precariously in an arch directly over the Thames.”

Dappy’s girlfriend, Imani Campbell, later posted a video on Instagram that showed him asking the police if he could speak to the man.

In footage posted by Campbell and published by The Metro, Dappy can be seen convincing police to let him cross the bridge to speak to the man after the man called out to him and told them he was a fan.

Dappy. CREDIT: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

According to The Sun source, Dappy and the man “spent about 10 minutes talking, and Dappy was amazing. He told him life was beautiful, and that things would get better basically.”

“As a result, the guy let medics climb up and help get him off,” the source added.

The man was then taken to St Thomas Hospital in London where he was sectioned and later released, reports The Sun. The man’s sister has since reportedly reached out to Dappy to thank him for his role in talking her brother down, calling him “an absolute hero”.

In another post, which has been re-shared on Dappy’s Instagram Story, Campbell wrote: “I truly believe the universe sent us to that bridge so Daps could save this young man’s life. As soon as he recognised Daps his whole demeanour changed, we saw hope appear in his eyes…

“Daps told him his life is precious and that he loves him… he talked him off the bridge… the man and his family reached out and he is alive and well.”

Dappy, who is now a solo artist after leaving N-Dubz in 2011, released his new single ‘Bolo’ featuring Abra Cadabra last week.

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