Day Trip Festival Relocates to the Lot at Hollywood Park, adjacent to SoFi Stadium

Day Trip, the new festival from Insomniac originally scheduled for July 4th weekend at Berth 46 in San Pedro, Southern California, has relocated to the Lot at Hollywood Park, approximately 20 miles inland northbound next to SoFi Stadium.

Insomniac revealed in their press release: “After tickets sold out so quickly for both days of the festival, we realized that so many more wanted to dance with us over the 4th of July weekend.

“An opportunity opened up at a brand new, larger venue so Day Trip Festival is moving to a new location — The Lot at Hollywood Park, located adjacent to SoFi Stadium. DTF will take over the massive, beautiful lakefront grounds, with plenty of room for us all to dance in the sunshine with a fishbowl in hand. This change will allow us to have a more spacious, improved layout, as well as release a limited amount of additional tickets.”

The move, however, has left many, many prospective attendees sour. The promised “lakefront grounds” will likely be inaccessible to attendees, and the actual scale of the lake is much less appealing. (Images via @bbbbork on Twitter)

In addition to the obvious differences in the venue appearance, there’s the issue of lodging. The long distance from the original venue to the new one will present significant challenges to attendees coming from out of state who’ve booked hotels or AirBnBs closer to San Pedro. Not to mention July 4th weekend will mean more expensive ride shares from their hotels to the new venue if they choose to keep their tickets.

All this being said, it is highly unlikely that that the switch was made with malice intent, or in an effort to “bait and switch” attendees as some have posited on Twitter. Likewise, such a drastic move seems counterintuitive to issues of simple attendance, as Insomniac has the ability internally to limit ticket sales based on capacity.

Read some of the responses to the move from Twitter users below. Day Trip or Insomniac have yet to respond to any of the grievances expressed.