‘Genshin Impact’ players aren’t happy with new five-star character

It appears players are not happy with Genshin Impact‘s latest five-star character.

The pyro-based archer Yoimiya currently headlines the game’s limited banner, meaning she is only available during a select period, usually for three weeks.

Given the limited time and with no idea when the banner will return, players are encouraged to spend money on Primogems for the chance to unlock their favourite Genshin Impact characters.

However, as reported in PC Gamer, players who have unlocked Yoimiya are complaining that her mechanics are “broken”.

Earlier this week, Reddit user PartyConfetti posted an extensive list of issues affecting Yoimiya’s character. The post, which currently has 16.4k upvotes, includes issues that affects Genshin Impact‘s casual players, high-level players who want to use her for Abyss or end-game content, as well as game mechanics that also work against her.

Some of the most basic issues are that Yoimiya’s auto-attacks and bursts are missing her targets a lot of the time, while another complaint is that her strongest attacks don’t come until the latter half of her combos, which are reset if the player has to dodge.

Reddit user Ayatori added to the criticism, saying that it’s not really about whether or not Yoimiya ends up as a lower-tiered character.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact. Credit: miHoYo

“The real problem that stems from the Yoimiya situation have entirely to do with how this may set a precedent for future characters, and especially how Mihoyo as a company is failing to acknowledge the community’s concerns,” they wrote.

They criticism extended to how the developer’s current six-week timeframe for new patches, each always introducing two new characters per patch, is “wholly unrealistic and unsustainable”, which may be leading to characters released that are under-designed and under-tested.

Ayatori also pointed to Chinese social media platform Weibo, where Genshin Impact‘s Chinese player base is also flooding the comments with calls to “optimise Xiaogong” (Yoimiya’s Chinese name) or demanding refunds. So far, miHoYo has yet to respond to the community.

Elsewhere, exactly one year after first announcing Black Myth: Wukong, Chinese developer Game Science has revealed a new 12-minute gameplay trailer, confirming that development has upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.