London’s fabric implements ‘strict no photo, no video’ policy

London’s fabric implements ‘strict no photo, no video’ policyFabric Nightclub London 2016 Billboard 1548 Compressed

As July 19 inches closer, the UK’s date marking the end of COVID-19 restrictions and the return of nightlife in London, fabric nightclub has revealed a “strict no photo, and no video policy” prior to its official reopening. The famed discotheque wants away with the cellular distractions, as explained in a recent Instagram post: “Stay in the moment and put away your phone, enjoy the night.”

Fabric’s adoption of a system commonly adhered to in German night clubs is ultimately a step forward for London nightlife. Of course, the venue maintains the option to hire professional photographers, but—even at large festivals—a sea of airborne phone cameras never feels totally conducive to an immersive concert experience. After hours events, especially, deserve a deferential atmosphere. London club-goers can expect performances from the likes of Seth Troxler, TSHA, and Kölsch, among others, over the upcoming summer months at the beloved venue.

Fabric’s new policy is perhaps an example of promoting a more connective setting, rather than merely returning to what used to be normal, after a year of social isolation. Cheers, fabric.

Featured image: Billboard

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