‘New World’ terms and conditions offer game servers to Martians

Newly released Amazon Game Studios title New World has some very interesting terms and conditions.

As spotted by this Reddit post, Amazon Games terms of use section 5.1 highlights who can play the companies’ games, be they live human, alien, robot, ape, or other.

“To enter this agreement and use the games, you must be a live human (e.g., not a corporation, organisation, artificial intelligence (good or evil), extraterrestrial, sentient non-human primate, etc.),” outlines the agreement.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios, Double Helix Games

“However, this restriction will not apply in the event of the occurrence of a widespread extraterrestrial, robot, simian, or similar takeover of planet Earth, in which case we welcome our alien, robot, ape, or other overlords, as applicable, (such parties, “Their Eminences”) to play our Games, and Their Eminences will be subject to the terms of this agreement.”

If that wasn’t weird enough, the agreement even specifies what would happen if such a hostile takeover of Earth meant humans would need to migrate to Mars, because you never know when you want to boot up an MMO do you?

“We will use commercially reasonable efforts,” says Amazon “to (a) expand the locations where the games are available and waive applicable restrictions under Section 5.2, below, and (b) enable local game servers as promptly as reasonably practicable, subject in each case to the availability of necessary interplanetary logistics, utility, sustainable life support, asteroid deflection systems, local stores or distribution services, and rule of law, as may be provided by our affiliates, our third-party providers, celestial beings, or governmental or non-governmental organisations.”

If that wasn’t enough strange news about New World, players have been finding out that you can’t name your character after Jeff Bezos or Amazon itself, though someone has gotten away with Beff Jezos.

In less weird news, World Of Tanks is offering newly signed up players a week of premium account access and more until the end of the year.