Q&A | No Oil Paintings

What’s the last song you listened to?

Slow Cheetah – Red Hot Chili Peppers

What artist or album has gotten you through lockdown the most?

Willie Nelson, the Red Headed Stranger album in particular. I’ve been a fan of both him and that album for some years now but they both had a big impact on me over lockdown in terms of thinking ahead to future writing and album structures, considering how tracks relate to each other on one release and how they flow together as a collective. 

What’s influencing your music right now?

Sturgill Simpson. Not just his music but his approach to music in general, he never makes the same album twice. Each one has it’s own unique sound and themes (in both lyrics and album artwork) but at the same time they all have a signature ‘Sturgill’ sound running through them, the ability to do that is definitely a lifegoal for me 

Tell us about your new single What Good Does It Do, what inspired the song?

It was inspired by some of what I’ve started working through in my personal life over the past couple of years, anger management as the lyrics explain, and the futility of being stuck in feelings of anger and frustration.

What do you hope people take away from listening to the track?

I hope the listener finds something relatable in the lyrics that can provide a comfort if they struggle with something similar. That’s generally what I hope listeners get out of all of our songs whatever the story or message may be in each one, providing catharsis.

What Good Does It Do by No Oil Paintings is out now.