Sony’s Jim Ryan says players will “only remember the best games”

Sony Interact Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has said that the best games are the ones that players remember the most.

In an interview with TMTPOST, Ryan stated that “users will only remember the best games, and OK games might be forgotten.” For Ryan this comes down to a game being able to “arouse players’ specific emotions, for example, it makes players feel excited, feel the adrenaline rush, or feel happy or sad.”

Ryan said he sees new IPs as instrumental to any Sony success in the above. “New IP is the lifeblood of any entertainment industry, but it is very difficult to create a new IP…”

PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

“I am very happy that we can do this in the past few years, but it requires great courage and the courage to bear financial risks. It also requires trust in the studio” Ryan adds.

The interview also hit on how Sony goes about making acquisitions of studios, with Ryan saying it comes down to the company and studio already having a working relationship.

“One of the commonalities of these acquired studios is that we have had a working relationship with them for several years before the acquisition, which means that we have a deeper understanding of them.”

“We know their operating mode, advantages and development capabilities and we also know where they need to improve, which makes it easier to merge studios. This process has never been easy, but it is far more better than buying some studios that we know little about” he adds.

In other news, game director of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Marcus has said that the game needed to be “true to the franchise”, adding that challenge also came from reinventing the series at the same time.