Study: 26% of Brits in favor of permanent nightclub closures

Study: 26% of Brits in favor of permanent  nightclub closuresClub Cr Ollie Millington

A recent survey of public sentiments related to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and reopening policies conducted by The Economist’s Ipsos MORI has revealed that a whopping 26% of Brits say that they are opposed to the July 19 reintroduction of nightclubs and venues in Britain and would prefer nightclubs to remain permanently closed.`

After asking whether respondents would be in favor of keeping nightclubs and casinos closed permanently, 46% were in favor of keeping the sites shutter “for a month after July 19,” 42% indicted that they would like nightclubs to remain dormant until “COVID was under control globally,” and 26% said they would prefer clubs to stay closed “permanently, regardless of COVID-19.” When The Economist surveyed participants about the curfew conditions that they felt to be ideal, results showed that 27% of respondents would prefer a 10:00 p.m. curfew to be enforced for a month after July 19. 19% stated that they would support a permanent curfew.

In England, 27,847 new COVID-19 cases were reported on July 8 with a weekly average of 23,664 cases.

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Via: The Economist

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