The new Nintendo Switch Clock app is here, and it costs £8.99

AAA Clock, a new app launching on October 8th for the Nintendo Switch will cost £8.99 ($9.99) it has been revealed.

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The app is a bargain for those of us without a phone, an actual clock, or indeed, a Nintendo Switch, which also features a clock.

It launches alongside the OLED Nintendo Switch, the same day that Metroid: Dread releases as the updated model’s launch title. The app also claims to have “full support for OLED technology”, which must reassure those with a preorder for the new machine everywhere.

The clock can display in various colours, even matching the colour scheme of your joy-cons, a feature which probably accounts for around £4 or £5 of the asking price.

According to the trailer, there’s also a bonus game included, a mysterious retro side-scroller, which is a nice distraction for when you get slightly bored of checking the time.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Credit: Nintendo

In the long tradition of the Nintendo Switch calculator app, and going back as far as the various NotePad apps on NintendoDSi, AAA Clock is a testament to how open Nintendo has become as a publisher, as seemingly just about anything can get on the store now.

The app launches at an introductory price of £1.79 ($1.99), a reward for those early adopters that aren’t going to wait for the reviews to drop.

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