Everything You Need To Know About VPN

 Everything You Need To Know About VPN

While everyone has started sharing their lives, personal data on the internet, it has become a complicated place. You will see a lot of stories about hackers hacking accounts and stealing personal data and selling it.

Online privacy is very crucial in this time period. We are possessive of tangible things while neglecting all the sensitive information that we have stored on the internet that needs protection.

What is The VPN and How it Works?

What is The VPN and How it Works?
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VPN is an acronym of the virtual private network, which is an encrypted connection that ensures the data is securely transmitted. It is widely used in the corporate industry and prevents unauthorized connections to access the data.

VPN helps you fulfill this purpose and keeps you secured in this virtual world. It hides your actual location and thus a hacker couldn’t detect your real IP address.

Internet is a Complicated Place

Internet is a Complicated Place
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Life on the Internet has become a complicated place. Every time you read the headlines there is another story about hackers who stole personal internet data and sold it. Online security is something that should be on everyone’s mind in today’s world. Home a virtual private network is an extra layer of protection that can help keep you safe on the web, but you might be wondering what one is and how it can protect you.

It allows you to choose your desired server, you might be sitting in California but your location will show London.

What are the Benefits of a VPN Server?

What are the Benefits of a VPN Server?
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If you are concerned about your internet security, VPN provides you with an improved security, and that is the main benefit of it. If any website is blocking, you can access it by using a VPN connection. You can even download plenty of stuff that is restricted in your region using the secure VPN.

Types of VPN Server

There are two types of VPN;

  • Remote Access VPN
  • Site-to-site VPN

1. Remote Access VPN

This type of VPN lets the user connect to any private network remotely and access its resources.

The Internet provides the connection between the user and the private network which is not just private but secure as well.

For how it is useful:

It is useful for;

How does It Provide Value?

All the files and material that are considered as the resources of the business can be easily accessed by the employee during the commutes through VPN

On the other hand, home users primarily use the VPN to get access to the blocked websites, and streaming channels. VPN provides internet security and or privacy and that is what most users want.

2. Site–to–Site VPN

The other type of VPN is router-to-router VPN, and it is commonly used in the corporate sector.

With globalization and advance in technology, a lot of businesses have expanded globally and VPN plays a huge role in making the connection possible. With offices in different regions of the world, companies use this type of VPN to connect the networks of different office locations.

Companies use intranet-based VPN to connect multiple offices located in different regions, while extranet-based VPN is used to connect different companies.

Site-to-site VPN is the source of having all the networks connect globally.

There are two routers in site-to-site VPN, and one is called VPN client and the other is called VPN server.

Different Options Available of Virtual Private Network

We all must consider buying a VPN for a secure internet connection. There are many VPNs available in the marketplace and you can choose the one that meets your preferences.

Best VPN Service Providers



Best VPN to protect online information and offers remote device wiping as well.

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② NordVPN 

Is considered the number 1 trusted and reliable VPN service, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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③ Surfshark

A fair choice if you do not want to do streaming or use torrent.

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④ atlasVPN

A terrific and affordable VPN software with 24/7 support.

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In this write-up, we have discussed the two most important and best VPNs that offer a wide range of security protocols – Express VPN and PIA.


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There are many clear differences between the two that would let you easily pick one for yourself.

They usually differ in speed and reliability and unblocking streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

Express VPN
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Express VPN was released in 2009, while PIA was released in 2010. They both are popular and are regarded as widely used VPNs. However, while using one of them, it is likely that a lot of questions pop into your head.

So, before blinding picking one of them, read this comparison that we have written for you to grab insights into it.

Security and Privacy

User privacy and security are important in the rapidly growing innovative world. All VPNs differ in encryption levels, such as 256-bit encryption.


No doubt, Express VPN is the fastest VPN as compared to the other VPN connection.


With perfect forward secrecy, Express uses the advanced AES-256 bit encryption, while PIA uses AES-128. PIA offers a variety of protocols, and it offers customization and you can customize your encryption anytime depending upon your speed and connection security preferences.

No-logging Policy

Express VPN strictly follows a no-logging policy. It stores information such as account details and billing information. Even PIA offers a no-logging policy and it had been verified twice.

Some Other Features of These VPN Connection

Annually, PIA publishes a transparency report and reveals the details of any breaches of data.

  • Security matters a lot, and the data retention laws of every country differ. The British Virgin Islands have strong privacy laws, and Express VPN is based in this amazing country, and is considered a fastest VPN.
  • While Private Internet Access is based in the United States, and they do not have any strong privacy laws, and data protection for online users.
  •  Both of these VPNs have their own DNS, and they are totally DNS leak-proof.
  • Express VPN service makes the online experience of their user every secure and employs TrustedServer technology. Both Express and PIA use RAM-only servers. PIA MACE is another feature of PIA service, that makes it stand out.
  • Both of these have amazing features and ensure the security of their users’ data.
  • They have a huge server network. PIA has about 29,288 servers while Express VPN has a network of 3000 servers. The server location of PIA is in 99 countries, while the server location of Express VPN is in 160 server locations.

There are many other features that you must know, click to see more about Express VPN and PIA VPN.



A virtual private network protects your online data, and improve your online experience. There are many options of VPN available in the market that you can choose from according to your price range, speed, reliability and other preferences.



There are some frequently asked questions about the free VPNs, usage of VPN apps, VPN services and VPN providers, and we have tried to answer some of them for any VPN client.

Q1. How to Install a Reliable VPN service?

VPN servers are easy to install if you have a Wi-Fi network. Switch on your internet data, and go to the website of any VPN provider, and click on the download link. If you have ever installed any software, then installing a VPN service won’t be a big deal for you.

Some free VPNs can be installed automatically just by clicking on the link.

Q2. How to Use a VPN Server?

Some VPN servers allow the VPN clients and users to configure settings the way they want. While, in most cases you have to follow the directions in order to connect.

Q3. Is VPN Software Difficult to Use?

No, a VPN server is not difficult to use at all. Different free VPNs and paid ones are available that are designed for those who have no idea of internet. To protect their privacy online, they can just simply install the any best VPN service and the VPN software will do the rest of the things.

Customer support is also available that will help you enable a secure VPN.

Q4. Which VPN Software you Must Choose?

Choosing the right kind of VPN software is very important factor to consider while buying one. A VPN service is used for different purpose; some are good for gaming, using torrent and downloading movies. While other VPN service can be appropriate for educating purposes. If you want to access Netflix or Hulu, you can choose a secure VPN that you like.

If all depends on your preference, reliability and the speed that you want to get a secure VPN.

Q5. Is it Illegal to have a VPN?

The use of VPN is not illegal, however accessing the sites that are banned by the authorities is considered illegal act in some countries.

Q6. What is Bad About a VPN?

VPN work amazing, but some free VPNs can log into your account and sell your browsing activates to any third party. You can also experience a break in your connection. Sometimes, free VPNs can be a worst option than not using a VPN at all.

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