How To Make The Best Use Of Fish For A Healthier Body This Winter Season

The sardi ka mausam is getting deadlier day by day and we know how badly you just wish you could get food served to you in that razaayi, but sadly if you are a mother or a housewife (or both) you know you just can’t. Are you looking for healthier alternatives to good diet food besides just binging on all that moong phalee? All you need is just a single addition to your meals this winter: the good old machli. Now we know most of the burger kids would just be making faces right now, but fish does have some great health benefits for your body. Yes, it can also help you with your susti ka maara hua diet plan for a slim body. Here’s how you can make the best use of that machli for a healthy winter body.

Make Sure It’s Cooked In A Healthy Way

Okay, so we don’t really want you to just go ahead and consume all that fried fish every other day. Healthier alternatives to preparing fish for a meal includes steaming it and baking it as well as just cooking it with gravy. Yes, you can steam it whole in a karhayi or a giant-sized pateela, drizzled with a virgin form of olive oil and herbs. Now that’s healthy!

Cooking Fish

Pair It Up With Other Healthy Stuff!

Steam some carrots, peas, and potatoes to serve with that baked fish. You can even add some mashed potatoes with cheese to your meal, or add a whole baked potato. Also, try experimenting with different kinds of sauces that you can put together, sweet and sour, with the fish to create the perfect combo for your taste buds!

Use It As A Replacement For Chicken/Beef

We all have been hearing what damage all that murghi can cause to your body (thanks to all those desi steroids) and not everyone can afford desi murgha in its purest forms. Red meat occasionally is pretty essential. But how about you start off by adding fish to your meals instead of poultry? Fish burgers, fish ka saalan, fish biryani, oh the options are endless as well as truly delectable! At least give it a try?

Know That It Isn’t Just Good For The Body

Fish has benefits for the body and mind simultaneously. Therefore, it’s not just your body that is in for a treat. It has been proven that fish contains vital elements that help patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, it has also been proven as beneficial in curing mild to moderate depression in individuals. Women who make fish a staple part of their diets during pregnancies are also able to cope up well with post-partum depression.

Choose Your Fish Type Wisely

Fish Types

Yes, we understand how kaante daar machli can be a menace for you to eat, therefore you opt for frozen fish fillets as the best option. But little did you know that very kaante daar rahu machli is the richest in nutrients that your body really needs. Also, choosing options like salmon is good as well since it is a good source of omega-3 fats.