Redrum shares therapeutic ‘Pisces Moon’ EP via SSKWAN

Redrum shares therapeutic ‘Pisces Moon’ EP via SSKWANRedrum

As the moon makes its way into Aries, Redrum releases her Pisces Moon EP on Liquid Stranger‘s downtempo SSKWAN label. The soothing tracks create lulling sounds that were written as Redrum tried to process and heal from her father’s passing. Redrum shared,

“When I finished writing this EP, it was right around the time of a New Moon in Pisces. New Moons represent rebirth and new beginnings, and writing this EP really felt like closing a chapter on my life. I wrote each of these pieces originally as a way to process the trauma of losing my father, who is the reason I got into music in the first place. Each piece is a part of my healing process.”

Each track on the EP displays atmospheric soundscapes and peaceful melodies. Using the tracks as a form of therapy to process her loss, Redrum’s Pisces Moon EP brings forth a range of emotions. All four of the cuts incorporate soft melodies that transport listeners to an alternate realm, embodying the receptive and dreamy essence of Pisces.

“‘Phases’ was written about going through the first year without him here, and that healing comes in phases, and like the moon it’s okay to feel empty sometimes. ‘Floating’ and ‘Dreamy’ were both pieces I wrote without the intention of ever releasing them, and I actually wrote both the pieces in a manic state as a way to get out the emotions I was processing from the loss. ‘Divine’ is probably my favorite track off the EP, it’s the closing track and is a culmination of my grief and emotions going through that time period.”

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